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  1. 1 cph9680
    February 2, 2009 at 6:05 am

    Corey Hennigan March 11, 2009 Blog Assignment #6 –

    The Digital Storytelling Cookbook lists seven elements of a successful multimedia story. They are:
    · Point of view: The central premise or moral of the story
    · A dramatic question: Question delivers the point of the story
    · Emotional content:
    · The gift of your voice: Voiceovers
    · The power of the soundtrack: Effect of music on video, ambient sound
    · Economy: Economizing language in relationship to the narration
    · Pacing: How is the story paced

    The Ninth Floor” a story by Jessica Dimmock on successfully combined all the elements listed above to tell a powerful and emotional story. The point of view is to show the effect that drug use has on users and the steps they have to take and overcome as they try to overcome their addiction. The dramatic question to me would be are they able to clean up? Does the story have a happy ending? Those questions are answered at the very end by the reporter’s commentary, saying what each person is doing now. In terms of emotional content, the whole story from beginning to end has emotional content. The story and the images are very sad and tragic, but if it is effective in drawing in viewers, then it succeeds. For the gift of voice, the audio interviews with the actual characters add so much more than had it been just the reporter commenting on what happened. The interviews with the characters struggling to get clean also helps with the whole emotional content. The power of the soundtrack also helps to create the emotional element. I like that there was different music for each segment. But as the manual said, the music helped to produce the desired effect. When the story was finished the viewers were supposed to feel the sadness and tragedy of the whole thing, and the dramatic music helped achieve that. The use of natural sound helped as well, the sounds of the baby added so much to the story. In terms of economy, neither Dimmock nor the characters wasted time with frivolous language. They got to the point and told their story and it didn’t seem like any of the 13 minutes of the story had been wasted by anything unnecessary. And in terms of pacing, I think it worked well. I liked how it jumped between stories of the couple as they were trying to get everything worked out and then the girl living with her mother as she tried to get back together. It didn’t hurt the story any, both sides had equal times and the whole story progressed smoothly and there was no sense that anything was dragging or going too fast.

    Corey Hennigan March 4, 2009 Blog Assignment # 5 (bj lewis) –

    Bj Lewis’ presentation made the point of how important it is for journalists to learn multimedia and how important it for newspapers to embrace the use of multimedia. And for a newspaper still in its “multimedia infancy,” the Denton Record Chronicle has made great progress from being just a newspaper to also working with video and audio slideshows.
    And for someone who learned to shoot video on his own without training and who does everything by trial and error, Lewis has done an excellent job and proves what we are all capable of. For someone who makes the decisions of what to shoot and how long the videos will be, he shows how much leverage a reporter might get if they master different forms of multimedia.
    Lewis showed the importance of coming up with fresh content that is different from the story that it accompanies. He said reporters can’t regurgitate the content that is in the paper and that reporters must strive to find new things.
    He repeated again and again how important it is to learn to use multimedia. He said it is important for reporters to do much more than write, they must also learn to shoot video and audio. He went so far to say that those who are unwilling to change and learn alternative media forms will be the ones who are laid off or unemployed.
    His advice to take advantage of the classes and the training provided along with being open to new experiences, rather than being daunted by shooting audio, video and photos was helpful. Multimedia skills are being used everywhere and what people are looking for, to not embrace or be afraid of technology is not a wise choice for anyone looking to pursue a career in journalism. He said that the Denton Record Chronicle is better for having video and audio slide shows and any reporter that embraces multimedia will be better in the long run because of that to.

    Corey Hennigan March 4, 2009 Blog Assignment # 4 –

    Energy producers cut costs in 2009

    The number of drilling rigs working in the North Texas natural gas field has fallen by more than half from 214 wells to 97, XTO Energy, Inc. officials said. The number could continue to drop in the coming months.
    Officials with Devon Energy expects exploration and production spending in 2009 to be half the amount of 2008.
    “Our response to the current environment is to drastically cut our capital expenditures,” Devon Chairman Larry Nichols said. Nichols said the company plans to spend between $3.5 billion and $4.1 billion less than it did in 2008.
    Although the decline in drilling has meant job losses among drilling contractors, producers said they don’t plan any layoffs.
    “Our growth has been so fast, we’re typically understaffed,” XTO President Keith Hutton said.
    Hutton said employees are cheaper than the wells and the company is only as good as its employees. He said the company would cut bonuses before laying employees off.

    · Get reader’s opinion on the cuts and what it means to them.
    · Solicit stories and updates from employees and contractors with the energy companies to get their side of the story.
    · Opinion polls: How will the decline in energy production affect the hurting economy?

    Unemployment could reach eight percent in Texas

    The unemployment rate in Texas could reach eight percent this year with the loss of another 300,000 jobs said officials with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.
    Even though Texas has missed the worst of the economic problems so far, Richard Fisher, president of the Dallas bank, said he expects the economic downturn to continue for another two years.
    Fisher, who spoke at the Global Supply Chain Conference at the Texas Motor Speedway in Forth Worth yesterday, did say he considers himself one of the more pessimistic of the Federal Reserve presidents. He did see some positive signs in the area’s lower mortgage rates.
    Fisher said the Obama administration’s stimulus plan and actions taken by the central bank will have an effect once the markets have the chance to digest announcements from the administration.

    · Solicit comments from the other bank presidents. If Fisher is so pessimistic, what do the others have to say?
    · Get comments, opinions and stories from Dallas business owners. How are they dealing with the economy? Have they laid anyone off? Have they hired people?
    · Get the stories from the people who have been affected by the economy. How are the workers dealing with the situation? Have they been laid off? What kind of fears do they deal with on a daily basis?

    Highway construction begins in 2009

    The reconstruction of seven Grapevine highways – the DFW Connector – could begin this year, said city officials.
    The construction plan awaits the approval of the Federal Highway Administration and the Texas Department of Transportation is reviewing proposals from developers for design and construction.
    Federal officials estimate the project will cost $907 million but state officials said the cost will be over $1 billion.
    The transportation plans to supplement the project with $250 million from the federal stimulus funds.
    The Connector, which will take five years to complete, will widen and improve interchanges for Texas 121, 114, 360 and I-635 and surrounding streets.
    About 16 Grapevine and Southlake businesses will be moved or demolished to make way for construction, according to documents provided by the Transportation Department.
    Area residents, city officials attended a public hearing last week at the Grapevine Convention Center to learn more about the project, which was the last meeting required in the environmental study.

    · Get comments, stories, videos and audio from the businesses affected by the project. Solicit continuous input as companies are forced to move. How does this affect them? Where will they go? How much of a hassle will this be to move?
    · Get comments, stories, video and audio from residents. How will this affect them? Are there any people forced to move because of construction?
    · Polls: How will the citizens benefit from the construction?

    Corey Hennigan Feb. 11, 2009 Blog Assignment #3 –

    “The Lede,” one of the blogs from the New York Times takes an interesting twist in the blog posts in comparison to the stories posted on the Web site. The bloggers write posts that are topically related to the news stories, but feature a different aspect of the subject. In Wednesday’s New York Times, Katharine Seeyle reported that the Defense Department is considering lifting the ban on photographing coffins returning from overseas and all the implications that would have and all the processes going into consideration. Robert Mackey posted a story on the blog about Tami Silicio, a woman who was fired from her job for taking pictures of the first coffins to return from Iraq and give them to her local newspaper. It is an interesting tactic that allows the writer to get features from the news stories but maintain the newsworthiness of the story.
    In Mackey’s post he also quoted about four paragraphs of Seeyle’s story, which helps give context and background to the post in case the readers come across the blog post before the story. Quoting from the news stories also helps make the post more newsworthy and important. That’s important because it seems that bloggers have issues with being factual and truthful, sometimes writing whatever they can just to get the hits to their site. If they would at least incorporate a little news into their posts, perhaps they would seem more journalistic or professional in the eyes of the public.
    Comparing the two, there aren’t many more differences. Stylistically, both are similar, written in online style with short paragraphs that get to the point. And both remain credible and pass along useful and interesting information.

    Corey Hennigan Feb. 10, 2009 Blog Assignment #2 –
    The Gainesville Daily Register in Gainesville, Texas is a good representation of how a small-town newspaper uses online space. The site avoids unnecessary animations and graphics. An unusual thing I’ve never seen on a media site was a video, almost a commercial, for a local church. The one downside is that there wasn’t any sound. But it was easy to search and navigate, had a link to the homepage on each page and the stories were short and precise. The Buffalo News the major daily for Buffalo, NY was similar to the small town Texas daily. The Buffalo News also avoided clutter and had no unnecessary videos, graphics or ads. The site was easy to search and navigate, had a link to the homepage on each page and the stories were short and precise. The site also had interesting interactive elements with interesting videos and slideshows. is a Belo run TV station. The Web site for this station is similar to all the Belo run sites in the D/FW metro. While the site is easy to search and navigate with short and precise stories, the site is also way too cluttered with various ads. Half the homepage is made of ads, which is a major disadvantage, and the reason why and are crappy Web sites. Another bonus though is that all the audio and video are kept together so that the site isn’t made more confusing., the ABC affiliate in Nashville, is much better than apparently all the sites run by Belo. Its Web site isn’t nearly as cluttered with ads and graphics and unnecessary things, and it offers more news content on the homepage than the Belo site. It’s also easy to navigate and search with the link to the homepage on every page and short and precise stories. Like Fox11, WKRN does keep all it’s audio and video footage grouped together, which adds more to the site.

    Corey Hennigan Feb. 1, 2009 Blog Assignment #1 –

    The sun shines with a light breeze at 1:15 p.m. on Sunday Feb. 1 on the swings outside Willis Library. It is a beautiful day considering it is the middle of winter. Not many people are out considering the weather, but a few people come and go. There are people bicycling around and others hanging out and visiting with friends, or talking on the phone or listening to iPods.
    A good way to incorporate media into this story would be a combination audio slideshow and video. This combination has a 50/50 chance of being good or being a total failure. There’s a story on Mediastorm ( about a man named Arden Peters that incorporates the audio slideshow and video and is an excellent story. On the other hand there is a story on the North Texas Daily Web site ( about amtgard that incorporates the same elements but is not as good as the first story. Photos of the sights and scenes around the library, of people in action as well as the buildings that are in the area, would be good for the audio slideshow portion of the package. Photos of the library building, the administration and clock tower, the student services center, the union and the water fountains and sculpture in front of the building would give a sense of place. Add photos of students riding bikes or chatting on the phones would introduce the characters. The audio slideshow would also provide the chance to record and give background sounds: water splashing in the fountains, people talking and the bells in the clock tower ticking off the hour. Then video would continue to introduce the characters from the photos. Viewers of the story would get a better introduction of the old man walking by, the professors and administrators spending Sunday at work and the students out enjoying a nice Sunday hanging out with friends or getting exercise.
    The story would benefit from either the slideshow or the video, but it has a chance of greater success if it incorporates both elements.

  2. 2 RaiulBaztepo
    March 28, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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