Corey Hennigan April 4, 2009 blog post # 7 –

The Marlboro Man by LA Times photographer Luis Sinco is an audio slide show using still photos and audio. Sinco did use an interesting technique of taking photos in a sequence and then speeding the slideshow up at points to make it look like there’s video being used. He used this technique during the scene outside the bar with the people walking by. I don’t know if he used this technique at the beginning with the soldiers moving, or he shot actual video, but it’s an interesting technique. I’m not certain why he used this technique, or why he used it where he did, but it added a little different touch to the story. Rather than having still photo after still photo after still photo for 12 minutes, he used still photography to create the element of movement and video. I think it was interesting, mainly because it was different.

While the story was powerful as is, I think it could have benefited more from the use of video. Because except for the epilogue, which had nothing to do with the subject of the story, there was no video. I think if properly used, using both video and still photography simultaneously, would work well. Another story from Mediastorm, Friends for Life, that is one of my favorite stories, works really well because of the use of both video and still photography. If Sinco had included video interviews of Corporal Miller as he talked, I think the viewers would have been able to establish a better connection and develop a deeper understanding of the story rather than audio and still photography. For the most part though, the story worked well. I think the use of the epilogue was pointless. If Sinco had done a more thorough job of telling the story, it would not have been necessary for him to explain the story afterward. I had no idea what photo they were talking about until when it was displayed during the epilogue, so perhaps it wasn’t as well known as Sinco thought, and thus he should have started the story earlier in time or explained it better at the start of the story, rather than spending six minutes at the end explaining what it was all about.


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